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Aurora Forensics is a reputable national company specializing in Forensic DNA consulting services in criminal cases. I take tremendous pride in helping facilitate the examination of DNA reports and disclosure and provide professional guidance to legal teams across the country. The main focus is to analyze the DNA information with immense detail, determine the overall accuracy of the findings at hand, and provide an expert opinion. DNA evidence is used extensively in criminal court cases across Canada and around the world, influencing verdicts and outcomes of cases in the process. With the reputation of being such a powerful piece of evidence, it becomes that much more important to have your reports reviewed by one of Canada’s leading DNA expert.

Professional Services Provided

Get Trained by Our Expert

While Aurora Forensics continues to lead the way with the review of DNA data and remains a top Canadian DNA consultant, her reach also extends to the informative side, educating various fields on the intricacies of forensics.

Postmortem Fingerprinting

This procedure can be be extremely delicate but is absolutely vital in terms of identifying human remains. Allow me to train you on the various postmortem fingerprint recovery techniques.

Your Expert

Lisa Mokleby possesses the experience and credentials necessary to properly evaluate DNA reports and provide specialized summaries to those in need. Lisa can also lead informed seminars to groups, providing valuable information for professionals or students in the various fields of forensic study. Here is some dialogue from Lisa, visionary and founder, surrounding the services Aurora Forensics can offer to you:

DNA has become a very valuable tool in criminal court cases and is being used more often in our judicial system. Let me interest you and your colleagues with a consult of your case file or a lecture to advance your knowledge about DNA and how it can be more useful in your cases. Due to my vast knowledge and expertise in this area, I am available to review your DNA case file and interpret the data. I can assist you during trial preparation and formulate valuable questions in court. I can also train on the importance of DNA and give lectures on a complex subject to make it easy to understand.